October 2020 - ongoing

The pilot episode will be made available for viewing on the day of the premiere via livestream. We will be transmitting the screening from the empty Dom Działkowca at ROD Zelmot. Baranek (lamb) is a plastering technique commonly used on the surface of buildings in Poland.

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„Baranek” is the name of the project by Zuzanna Piętkowska and Alka Nauman for The Zelmot Experiment, an artist residency at ROD Zelmot, was created for Naprzód działki by Stroboskop Art Space and SAM Rozkwit. Naprzód działki is supported by Zieleń Warszawska.

We were supposed to be together but we ended up being apart. But! „Baranek” is incredibly flexible and has adjusted itself to the unpredictable reality that we live in, in keeping with the spirit of our times! The project that was supposed to be grounded in one very concrete place and space within ROD Zelmot has morphed into a series. From this point forward, „Baranek” will be able to drift within the waters of the internet, connecting Zuzanna and Alka despite their being separated by borders, mountains, and the sea.

The pilot episode of „Baranek”, a farewell to Alka – a nostalgic memory of a project that simply couldn't be realized- premiered on Sunday, November 1 and is available on YouTube. The spectral premiere of the pilot episode took place in the empty community house of ROD Zelmot. Planning anything nowadays is a utopian gesture, which we are still trying to perform. Zuzanna will continue the experiment in Zelmot. In the meantime, Alka will be in exile in paradise and letters will be written between the two. These letters will be a form of coping with the situation—they will be an exchange of ideas, a form of support, artistic consultations and feedback, shared tears and frustrations, as well as a means of describing technicalities. Zuzanna will be exploring the aesthetic clash between the pastel buildings and rustic gardens, and the uncontrolled organic potential. Alka will search for „Baranki” in Greece, trying to also reflect on the relationships between local gardens and their surroundings. The final episode will be „Baranek” dreams of holidays in warmer countries, and will be shot on location in sunny Crete. When normality emerges again, in whatever new shape it will occupy, we will revisit the original idea of interventions in ROD Zelmot, and will host an open event.

The outcome of this collaboration will be presented at Stroboskop in 2021, with details to be announced at a later time, because as we know, planning is a luxury that no one can truly afford right now.

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