The Sacred + The Mundane: Archiving A Catastrophe | 13.10.2021
In Proximity to the Non-Human Animal: Mediation in Times of Catastrophe |

Stroboskop and Desktop Archives are hosting a two-part series of conversations with artists that archive the asynchronous and unequivalent emergences of the present condition.

Join us on October 13th at 7pm CET/1pm EST for the first talk where we speak with Elisabeth Smolarz and Eva van Ooijen about documenting and archiving the sacred and the mundane in times of crisis.

The second talk will be held on October 27th at 7pm CET/1pm EST, where we speak with Marta Bogdańska and Joseph Moore about mediated proximity, and non-human animals in times of man-made crisis.

The talk will be followed by a 24hr screening of video recordings of unsecured IP cameras focused on non-human animals from Joseph Moore’s ever-evolving library.

Stroboskop Art Space | ul. Siewierska 6, 02-360 Warszawa |