who’s behind Stroboskop Art Space?

Katie Zazenski (PL/USA)

Co-Director, member since January 2018

Zazenski received her MFA in Sculpture from the Cranbrook Academy of Art and is a two-time Fulbright Fellow to Poland. She is a practicing artist, writer, and teacher. 

Martyna Stołpiec (PL)

Co-director, member since June 2019

Norbert Delman (PL)

Founding Member (2016)

NORBERT DELMAN, Born 1989 in Warsaw where he lives and works. Graduated Academy of Fine Art Warsaw in Mirosław Bałka studio 2009-2014, studied Fine Arts in University College Falmouth 2010 (UK), graduated with honors from art High School. Young, multidisciplinary artist. Norbert works in several medias (video, sculpture, installations, performance). This indecisiveness, however it is apparent, because the overriding value of his work is an attempt to illustrate the anxieties and tensions, which he experiences and which is experienced by his peers. He is also an experimenting curator, co-founder of Stroboskop art space in Warsaw. His works have been presented at the , MODEM CCA in Debrecen 2011, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop 2014, Museum of Contemporary Art Krakow 2013, „Park Rzeźby na Bródnie”, “Warsaw under construction” with MOMA Warsaw 2016, Museum of Yugoslav History 2016, LUDWIG MÚZEUM, Budapest 2016, Biennale de la biche 2017, CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw (2014,2017)He received a scholarship Residency for a Polish Artist ESW, Edinburgh, UK 2014, Residence program InterModem in Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts in Debrecin, Hungary 2011 and Residence program WRSW | BRLN 2016. Scholar of the Minister of Culture 2016.


Stroboskop Art Space | ul. Siewierska 6, 02-360 Warszawa | stroboskopartspace@gmail.com